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How to buy XYO Tokens on KuCoin

How to buy XYO Tokens on KuCoin

Are you trying to buy XYO tokens? , I will explain in the article below how to buy Xyo tokens as it can be a bit confusing to figure out the first time around,

Here we go …

There are a few steps involved to get started and to buying XYO

If you already own Bitcoin or Etherium in a wallet somewhere it will be a bit quicker as you can skip a few steps and go directly to  KuCoin.com and watch the video below

Now for those of you that are just starting out and have never purchased cryptocurrencies, we will have to start you out at the beginning and set up a few accounts so you can buy your xyo tokens.

Step one is we have to buy a small amount of Bitcoin OR Etherium to get started don’t worry it is not hard and you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin or Etherium token you will only need to buy a small amount based on the amount of money you want to buy and invest in XYO tokens ,

(Remember there will be small transaction fees so I like to add a few dollars more )

the bigger the investment the transaction fees charged.

If you are a complete newcomer to the cryptocurrency world there are a few things I should explain cryptocurrencies are and exist in a virtual world (online ) and you purchase virtual currency and store it in a virtual wallet

To purchase cryptocurrency you need a wallet that is designated for the type of currency you plan on purchasing,

You can only purchase certain Cryptocurrency ( i/e Bitcoin, Etherium, xyo tokens )at certain Crypto exchanges

Transactions are encrypted and secured in online private wallets and companies like Coinbase and KuCoin and many many others offer virtual wallet for their members to store their cryptocurrency, and so this is what you are going to be setting up today

  1. Setting up virtual wallet
  2. Buying bitcoin or etherium
  3. Setting up KuCoin account
  4. Transferring it to Kucoin  wallet
  5. Exchanging your bitcoin or etherium into xyo tokens

( Please note not all virtual wallets will work with all cryptocurrencies  and only certain exchanges sell the different types of crypto)

let’s get started 

To get started I have a few places I like to purchase my Bitcoins and Etherium from and as I live in Canada  the best place I have discovered to date to buy  is www.CoinMama.com as they take major credit cards and they approve the buying account faster then some of the others .

You will need to set up your www.KuCoin.com account described in the video above as www.CoinMama.com     does not offer wallets so you will need to have your Kucoin account set up so when you buy you can transfer directly into your new wallet at Kucoin .

if you live in the USA and UK I also use and really like  www.CoinBase.com    they sell cryptocurrencies and have wallets for some of the most popular currencies

they both are great services

To set up the accounts at these services you will need to go through the set up submit id and may take a few days for approval so be patient

Once you have you wallet and cryptocurrency in your possession please watch the video above as it will walk you through how to but your XYO tokens

Here are the sites in the article above

CoinMama.com   – buy cryptocurrency  with a credit card ( need wallet before purchase )

CoinBase.com  – Buy bitcoin and etherium and supplys wallets

Important !! –  KuCoin.com  – Have to have account and wallet to buy xyo – where to exchange your Cryptocurrencies for XYO Tokens

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